21st Anniversary Gift Ideas

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A 21st anniversary is a milestone in any marriage. It’s the twenty-one years of shared memories, laughter, and love that make it so special. While there are no traditional gifts for the 21st year, there are plenty of great options for modern brass or nickel gifts. Here are 21st anniversary gift ideas to celebrate 21 years of marriage!

21 Down and Forever To Go Anniversary Nickel Key Chain

This keychain is a thoughtful way to commemorate 21 years of marriage. It has a nickel with an aluminum piece attached that you can customize with your initials or personalized date to make it extra special. And it has a cute message that says, "21 Down, Forever To Go." It's the perfect keepsake to remind you of your 21 years together.

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You Are My Rock Gift

If you're looking for something fun and unique, this rock is a great option. It's solid metal and says, "You are my rock, 21 years" and it comes packaged in a nice box with wood straw that even has a place to write who it's to and from. It's a fun gift that will make your spouse laugh, and also shows how much you appreciate them being by your side for 21 years.

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Engraved Brass Champagne Glasses

A set of champagne glasses is a 21st anniversary gift that's perfect for the couple who loves to celebrate special occasions. These engraved brass champagne glasses are a beautiful and elegant option. It's a gift that you can both enjoy and use to toast all the years of marriage you've shared. It's a gift that will always be cherished.

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Satin Nickel Picture Frame

A picture frame is a great way to commemorate 21 years of marriage. This satin nickel one is an elegant and stylish option. It's simple yet classy and can hold a photo of you two from any stage of your 21-year journey together. It's a beautiful way to remember all the good times you've shared.

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Engraved Brass Sundial Compass

A compass is a classic and timeless gift that always has a special meaning. This brass sundial compass is the perfect 21st anniversary gift because it also celebrates all the years to come. The beautiful message reads "My Dear, Happy Anniversary! For many more great years to come, I will always be beside you, at all times, to any destination... Love You Forever!" It's a reminder that no matter how many years have passed, there are still good times ahead.

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White & Brass Desk

This sleek and stylish desk would be a great addition to any home office or bedroom. It's simple yet chic, with a white and brass finish that makes it stand out. It would be a perfect place for your spouse to work on their own projects or do their makeup. It's functional, beautiful, and is a 21st anniversary gift that they will love.

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21 Years of Love Pandora Charm

21 years of love is a great way to describe 21 years in your marriage. This cute 21 charm with an infinity symbol would make for a great addition to her Pandora charm bracelet. It's a sweet and sentimental way to show her how much you love her and appreciate all the years you've been together.

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Brass Taper Candlestick Holders

These simple yet elegant candle holders would be a great 21st anniversary gift for the couple who loves to decorate their home. They would look great on a mantle or coffee table and can be used to hold taper or standard candles. They come in a set of three different sizes and have a beautiful golden brass finish that gives them a luxurious look. They would be a beautiful addition to any home.

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