60th Birthday Gift Ideas

Woman celebrating her 60th birthday with balloons and her daughters
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Turning 60 is a pretty momentous occasion for anyone, so it’s only natural that you would want to give them a gift that celebrates this milestone birthday. And if you’re stuck on what 60th birthday gift ideas to choose, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for something sentimental, fun, or unique – we’ve put together a list of 60th birthday gifts that are sure to be a hit. So all that’s left for you to do is pick the perfect one (or mix and match a few) and make this 60th birthday one they’ll always remember!

Happy 60th Birthday Angel Figurine

This beautiful 60th birthday angel figurine from Pavilion Gift is the perfect way to say "Happy 60th Birthday!" to someone special. The angel is holding a heart that has "60" in the center and has a sweet message on the bottom that's sure to make them feel loved on their big day. It's a 60th birthday gift idea that's both sentimental and unique.

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Happy 60th Birthday Wine Glass

What better way to cheers to 60 years than with a wine glass that celebrates the occasion? This 60th birthday wine glass has a fun and festive design with lots of pink and reads "Happy 60th Birthday" - making it the perfect 60th birthday gift idea for her. Plus it comes packaged in a gift box, so it's ready to go! And paired with a bottle of her favorite wine, it's a birthday gift that she's sure to love.

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59 + One Middle Finger 60th Birthday Beer Glass

If you're looking for a 60th birthday gift idea for him, look no further than this funny beer glass! It'll hold his favorite beer (or any other beverage) and has a hilarious design that's sure to make him chuckle. It's a 60th birthday gift that's both practical and funny - what more could he want?

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60th Birthday Signature Poster

There's no better way to show them just how loved they are than with this 60th birthday signature poster. All you need to do is gather signatures and messages from friends and family (or have everyone sign it at their 60th birthday party) and then frame it for a 60th birthday gift that they'll cherish for years to come. It's a fun and unique way to commemorate such a special day!

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Day Of The Week Wall Clock

Sure, they probably already have a clock in their home. But this 60th birthday gift idea is extra special because it's a clock that shows what day of the week it is! It's perfect for 60 year olds who want to keep track of what day it is (without having to pull out their phone) and will make a great addition to their home office or kitchen. It'll be sure to come in handy when they're trying to remember what day their weekly bridge game is or what day the grandkids are coming over to visit!

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Password Book with Alphabetical Tabs

For those 60 year olds who prefer having their passwords written down (instead of stored on their computer or phone), this password book from Boxclever Press is the perfect 60th birthday gift idea. It has alphabetical tabs to make finding passwords quick and easy, and it has a compact design that makes it easy to carry with them on the go. And with no title on the front, it's a 60th birthday gift that's both useful and discreet - so they can keep their passwords safe and sound from anyone who might snoop around.

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60th Birthday Toilet Paper

You can never go wrong with a good gag gift. So if you're looking for a 60th birthday gift idea that's sure to get a laugh, look no further than this funny 60th birthday toilet paper! It's sure to get a chuckle out of anyone who sees it, and it's a 60th birthday gift that they'll actually use (unlike some other gag gifts!). It'll even be great to include in their 60th birthday party decorations too!

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60th Birthday Hat

Make them laugh with this 60th birthday gift idea - a hat that reads "It took 60 years to look this good!" It's a fun and unique 60th birthday gift that they'll love wearing on their big day (and beyond!). And it's sure to get a few laughs from friends and family too. It's adjustable so it'll fit anyone, and available in black, grey, and red - so you can choose the perfect one for your favorite birthday gal or guy.

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Sweet 60 Bracelet

Make them feel extra special on their 60th birthday with this sweet 60 bracelet. It's a cute and colorful bracelet that's made with natural stones to represent each Chakra and a "Sweet 60" heart charm that'll celebrate their milestone birthday in a beautiful way. It's a 60th birthday gift idea that they'll love wearing every day.

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