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It can be a big transition for a little girl to go from being the only child in her family to having a little brother or sister. Being a big sister is an important role, and it’s one that deserves to be recognized. Whether you want to give her something to feel loved and special or gift her something special to mark the arrival of her new sibling – we have picked out some of the best big sister gifts below.

Big Sister Gift Set


This gift set is the perfect way to welcome your little one into her new role as big sister. It includes an adorable book about becoming a big sister with a doll and a big sister crown. It's an adorable way to celebrate their new role and make them feel very special.

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03/06/2024 03:23 am GMT

Big Sister Photo Album

A big sister photo album is a great way to preserve memories of your little one's big transition. This one holds twelve 4" x 6" photos so she can add photos of herself with her new sibling. It's a lovely way to preserve memories and celebrate this big milestone in her life.

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I'm The Big Sister Teddy Bear

This big sister teddy bear is a big way to congratulate your little girl on becoming a big sister. This big sister teddy bear is super soft, adorable, and makes a great addition to your little one's stuffed animal collection as well as an awesome big sister gift.

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Promoted To Big Sister Outfit


This big sister outfit is the perfect way to let everyone know she's ready for this big role. It's an adorable outfit for your little one to wear especially for photos to reveal the big news. It's a cute way for her to feel special and look adorable at the same time.

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03/07/2024 01:01 am GMT

Big Sis Necklace


This big sister necklace is a sweet reminder of how special she is as a big sister. It's an adorable heart necklace with pink gemstones and says "Big Sis" on it. It's a lovely addition to your little one's jewelry collection and makes for an awesome big sister gift too.

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03/07/2024 03:20 am GMT

Big Sister Shirt


A big sister t-shirt is a great way to let your little one show off their new role. This big sister shirt comes in a few different colors and styles so you can find the perfect one for your little girl. It's a fun big sister shirt that she'll love wearing.

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03/08/2024 03:06 am GMT

Personalized Big Sister Book


This big sister book is a great way to celebrate your little one's big role. It's personalized with her name and comes with a super incredible big sister medal. This big sister book is the perfect way to let her read about how awesome she will be as a big sister.

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03/08/2024 01:37 am GMT



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