Best Edible Arrangement Gift Ideas

A row of 2 edible arrangements and a cake with 2 balloons on a party table
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If you’re looking for a creative and delicious gift to give someone, consider an edible arrangement – especially if they like chocolate and fruit! Edible arrangements are a fantastic gift for all occasions. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, graduation, or any other special moment – an edible arrangement is the perfect way to say “I love you!” or “Congratulations!” So go ahead and start browsing through our list of favorite edible arrangement gifts below!

Chocolate Bear Fruit Arrangement

Tasty Teddy™

Who doesn't love teddy bears and chocolate? Luckily, you can have both in this fruit bouquet! Perfect for those who want to give their loved ones something sweet and different. This gift features a chocolate apple bear that's surrounded by a delicious mix of pineapple, berries, and more! It's the perfect gift for any occasion - but who are we kidding? This is the perfect gift for anytime! Almost too cute to bear!

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Unicorn Fruit Bouquet

Dazzling Unicorn Delight™

Unicorns are magical, and this bouquet is too! It features a mix of unicorn-shaped pineapples dipped and decorated with colorful manes and golden horns that sparkle amongst the pineapple stars. It's great for kids, but grown-ups will love it too! It's a perfect gift for your friend who deserves something magical.

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Fresh Fruit Cake Arrangement

Time For Cake™

Looking for a birthday gift that is as sweet as the occasion? Why get a plain white cake with frosting when you can get them one much more colorful and fun? This "cake" is a colorful mix of fresh fruit, layered with pineapple, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries, and topped with grape-skewer "candles" and pineapple "flames" that will make any birthday wish come true. It's perfect for any birthday party, and guaranteed to be a cake they'll never forget!

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Abundant Assortment Fruit Arrangement

Abundant Fruit and Dipped Delights™

Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or just want to say "I love you" this is the way to go! It's the ultimate party pleaser with an abundant assortment of fresh fruit and a delightful variety of textures and flavors. It includes a juicy mix of dipped pineapple daisies, strawberries, melon, oranges, and grapes - the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. While decadent apple wedges covered in toffee steal the show as the perfect blend of sweet and salty. This is the perfect way to show someone just how much they mean to you.

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Rainbow & Butterflies Fruit Bouquet

Edible Arrangements®

Finally, a time when it can be all rainbow and butterflies! And with this bouquet, you can eat them too! It's not just any old fruit bouquet, this one features delectable chocolate-covered strawberries with rainbow colors amongst an array of pineapple daisies, butterflies, and hearts. It's perfect for any occasion - or just because. Any day is a great day to send your loved one some fruit, especially when it's this cute!

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Ice Cream Cone Fruit Bouquet

Delightful Dipped Treats™

They deserve a special treat on their day. And what could be better than this party-perfect fruit bouquet? The main attraction is dipped pineapple "ice cream cones" covered in colorful sprinkles, it's enough for everyone to indulge. And with a juicy selection including a variety of flavors and textures - from sweet strawberry slices to tangy orange wedges, they'll get an explosion of flavor with every bite. You can also add a cuddly plush bear and a fun balloon to make this gift extra special!

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Happy Flower Fruit Bouquet

Your Best Smile Bouquet® Dipped

This is the perfect way to send someone you love a little happiness. It’s got all the right ingredients for celebrating a special day, lifting somebody’s spirits, or brightening their day. It's loaded with plump strawberries, mouthwatering melon, and the happiest pineapple daisies you've ever seen. It's a bouquet they will be sure to smile about.

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Love Fruit Arrangement

Sweet Love Story™

Who needs a box of chocolates when you can send your sweetheart a bouquet of fresh fruit? (Don't worry - it still includes chocolate!) This fruit arrangement is the perfect way to say "I love you." It comes with juicy chocolate-dipped pineapple letters that spell L-O-V-E, surrounded by plump strawberries, melons, and oranges. They will be sure to really feel the love. It's up to you whether you want to share the love or keep it all to yourself!

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