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Man and woman celebrating at their retirement party
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Retirement is a time to celebrate and honor your loved one’s years of hard work. And if you’re looking to make a memorable impact as your favorite retiree embarks on this exciting new chapter of their life, a fun retirement gift is a great way to help them celebrate the occasion. From funny mugs and books to funny t-shirts and more, we’ve rounded up some fun retirement gifts to send them off into retirement with a smile.

Funny Retirement Mug

This funny mug is just what they need to kick off their retirement. It reads, “Retirement Weekly Schedule" with the days of the week listed as "do whatever the hell I want." It's a hilarious reminder of just how retirement is all about having more time for themselves. It's a fun retirement gift that'll make them chuckle every time they take a sip.

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101 Fun Things To Do In Retirement Book

Retirement is all about having the time to do the things they've always wanted. So why not give them a copy of this book filled with 101 fun ideas for how to spend their retirement years? From fishing and golfing to traveling and starting a new hobby, there are plenty of suggestions that'll keep them engaged and entertained throughout their retirement years.

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Officially Retired Tiara

Help your favorite retiree get ready to celebrate with this fun tiara. It's perfect for all the upcoming retirement parties, as it reads "Officially Retired." It's a humorous way to let everyone know that they're now ready for all the fun and relaxation that comes with retirement life. It's a fun retirement gift for her that'll make her feel like royalty when she wears it.

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Official Retirement Papers Toilet Paper

If they're retiring, they'll certainly need their very own "Official Retirement Papers." And what better way to get it than with this hilarious toilet paper? It's printed with a design of official retirement papers on it, and it's sure to give them a chuckle every time they reach for it. It's a funny retirement gift that's also practical.

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Time To Wine Down Wine Rack

Help them wind down and relax into retirement with this fun wine rack. It reads "Retired...Time To Wine Down" and is a perfect way to store some of their favorite bottles of wine and wine glasses. It's a fun retirement gift for friends and family members who are ready to enjoy their retirement years.

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Retirement Coloring Book

Coloring books aren't just for kids! This retirement coloring book is filled with fun pages of illustrations - with animals and funny phrases such as, "Oh deer what will I do with all this time" and "retirement tastes great" - that'll give them a chance to relax and enjoy themselves. It's an enjoyable way to spend their free time, and it's sure to bring out the inner child in them. It's a fun retirement gag gift for men and women alike.

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Funny Retirement Business Cards

Let everyone know that they've now retired with these funny business cards. They look just like real business cards, but instead of listing a profession, they read "Retired, ask someone else" and have no phone number or email listed, no business address, and no hours of operation. To really elevate the joke, they even come in a pack of fifty with a gold mirror case. It's a fun retirement gag gift that'll bring out the laughs from everyone!

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Funny Retirement T-Shirt

Help them celebrate their retirement in style with this funny t-shirt. It reads "I'm retired, you're not. Have fun at work tomorrow." It's the perfect way to show off their new status and enjoy a good laugh. Plus, it's a comfortable t-shirt that they can wear all day long. It's a fun retirement gift that they can wear proudly.

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Officially Retired Napping Eye Mask

Finally they can catch up on all that lost sleep now that they're retired. And with this eye mask, they can do so without anyone bothering them. It reads "Officially Retired Do Not Disturb" and is perfect for those daytime naps that they've been looking forward to. It's a functional and funny retirement gag gift idea that'll help them get the rest they need.

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