Funny Gifts Under $10

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Looking for a funny gift that won’t break the bank? Check out our roundup of funny gifts under $10! We’ve got something for everyone, from bacon bandages to Mister Rogers’ EncourageMints. So whether you’re looking for a funny gift for your best friend or something to put a smile on your loved one’s face, we’ve got you covered!

Bacon Bandages

These bandages are perfect for the bacon lover in your life. They feature realistic-looking bacon strips that will add a touch of humor to any wound and help your loved one heal in style. They'll definitely get a laugh out of everyone they show them to! They're fun, functional, and an affordable funny gift under $10.

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Jelly Belly BeanBoozled

Jelly Belly BeanBoozled is a funny gift for the whole family. This version has a lid that opens to a random jelly bean and they get to guess what flavor it is. But beware...some of them are gross! They might get a white one and think it's coconut, but it might actually be spoiled milk. It's a funny gift under $10 that's sure to bring hours of entertainment and laughter!

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Farting Magical Creatures Coloring Book

Coloring books are a great way to relax and de-stress, and this funny coloring book is no exception. It features 24 different magical creatures that are all farting in their natural habitats. Paired with some crayons or colored pencils, this funny gift under $10 is sure to provide hours of entertainment and giggles!

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The Screaming Goat

If you're looking for a funny gift that's sure to get a reaction, look no further than this mini Screaming Goat! This book and figurine set is based on the viral YouTube video of the screaming goat. It's sure to make everyone laugh - whether they've seen the video or not. It's a funny gift under $10 that's sure to get a lot of laughs.

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The Joy Of Bathing Bob Ross Soap

If you're looking for a funny gift that's also practical, look no further than this mini bar of Bob Ross soap. It's the perfect way to liven up your loved one's bathing experience and help them relax after a long day. It also makes for a funny gift under $10 that any Bob Ross fan is sure to love!

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McDoodle Fry Sticky Notes

These funny sticky notes are perfect for the home or office. They look like an order of McDonald's French fries and come with 125 sheets per pad. They can be used for taking notes, making lists, or even as bookmarks. They're a funny gift under $10 that's sure to come in handy!

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Cat Paw Socks

These socks just might be the purr-fect funny gift for cat lovers. They have a realistic-looking cat paw design that will turn their feet into their favorite animal's paws! There are even more fun designs to choose from - like dog paws, horse hooves, and elephant feet - so you can find the perfect pair for your loved one. They're a fun and functional funny gift under $10 that'll make them smile every time they put them on!

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Squirrel In Underpants Air Freshener

This funny air freshener is sure to be a hit with your loved ones. It features an adorable squirrel in underpants and smells like fresh pine trees! They can hang it on their rearview mirror in their car or put it in their home to keep things smelling fresh. It's a funny gift under $10 and a unique gift for squirrel lovers that will put a smile on anyone's face.

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Mister Rogers' Encouragemints

A little tin of Mister Rogers EncourageMints are the perfect funny gift for your friends and family. They're delicious, minty, and come in a fun tin that's perfect for gifting - with Mister Rogers reminding them that they are liked every time they take a mint. They would be great to give out at parties, as stocking stuffers, or just because. They're a funny gift under $10 that will brighten anyone's day!

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