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Do you know someone who is an avid climber? If so, this list of gifts for climbers will come in handy! Whether they climb mountains outdoors or rock climb indoors at the gym – these gifts would be perfect gifts for them. Here are some gift ideas that will help their climbing experience or show off their love for climbing.

Tree Climbing Kit


This gift idea is a great climbing gift for kids. It has everything they need to start learning how to climb from a young age. It comes with climbing holds, ratchets, and a carrying bag to store it all in. You can set it up on a tree and kids can start climbing on it right away. It's a great way to introduce them to climbing and an awesome gift for kids that love adventure!

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03/08/2024 03:39 am GMT

Rock Climbing Mug

This mug would be a great gift idea for the rock climber in your life. It's a plain white mug with a blue climbing hold on the outside as the handle. It's a great way to show off their love of rock climbing and would go perfect with any other gifts you plan on getting them. It's a fun way to start their day with coffee in the morning or an afternoon pick me up. And it comes in different climbing hold colors too!

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03/08/2024 03:18 am GMT

Friction Labs Premium Sports Chalk


This gift is a must-have for any climber. This chalk powder is designed to help prevent sweaty hands, allowing them a stronger grip and better hold. It's great for indoor rock climbing, weight lifting, gymnastics, and more. It’s available in lots of options such as - Unicorn Dust for a fine texture, Gorilla Grip for a chunky texture, and Bam Bam for a super chunky texture - so you can find the best fit for them or gift them a new one to try!

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Climbing You Say? Alpaca My Harness! T-Shirt


This shirt is a great gift idea for any climber. This t-shirt is a fun way to show off their love of climbing and will make a great addition to their wardrobe. It has a retro style with an alpaca wearing sunglasses that says, "Climbing You Say? Alpaca My Harness!" It's available in different colors and for men, women, and kids too - it's perfect for the whole family!

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03/08/2024 02:23 am GMT

Rock Climbing Panda Chalk Bag

This chalk bag is a great gift idea for the climber in your life. It has a climbing panda on the front and an adjustable belt to fit them perfectly. They can clip it to the outside of their backpack when not in use and it has a small zipped front pocket which is great for holding their keys, wallets, and other small items while they’re out climbing. It comes in different colors too - including red, black, and blue.

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Belay Glasses


These glasses would be a great gift for any rock climber. They're designed with high-quality materials and built to be durable so they won’t break if dropped. They also come with a carrying case for easy storage and the ability to clip them to their harness when they’re not in use. It's a great gift for climbers because they allow them to see their climbing partner and surroundings clearly without hurting their neck.

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03/04/2024 01:40 am GMT

ClimbOn All Purpose Lotion Bar

Climbing can be rough on their hands, so this lotion bar is a great gift for climbers. It has beeswax, vitamin E from sunflowers, and a mix of different oils to soothe cuticles, dry skin on the hands or feet, and split fingertips from climbing so much. Having lotion in bar form makes it easier to apply and easy to throw into their backpack or pockets to carry it with them. It's a great way to moisturize hands and feet after climbing.

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Hand Grip Strengthener Kit


This kit provides everything that they need to strengthen their hands and forearms for climbing. It comes with a hand grip strengthener, stress relief ball, finger exerciser, grip ring, and a finger stretcher resistance band. It’s designed to help strengthen and tone all of their hand muscles, so they can climb longer and better than ever before.

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03/06/2024 03:22 am GMT

Double Sided Hand & Finger File

This gift idea is great for climbers because it helps to smooth and file down any rough skin they might have from climbing. It's double-sided - one smooth side and one abrasive to file down any rough skin. And it has a bright orange string so it's easy to find in their gym bag. It's a great way to ensure their hands and fingers are always smooth and ready for climbing.

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03/06/2024 02:40 am GMT

Crag Cards Essential Climbing Knots

Climbers should always be practicing their knots to know them inside and out so they don’t get caught off guard. This is a great gift for them to practice their knots and make sure they’re always prepared. They come with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and tips for quick reference while climbing - making them a great learning tool! It would make a great gift or stocking stuffers this holiday season!

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