Gifts For Miniature Painters

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a miniature painter, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best gifts for miniature painters and put them in a list – from paints and brushes to tools and accessories – to help you find the perfect present. So whether your loved one is just starting out or is a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered with some of our top picks below!

The Army Painter Mega Paint Set

The Army Painter Mega Paint Set is the perfect way to get started in the world of miniature painting. It includes an assortment of high-quality paints that will help your loved one get the perfect finish on their models and a triangular-handled brush for precision painting. With this set, they'll be able to paint any model they desire with ease! It's a great gift for miniature painters of all skill levels.

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Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp

The Brightech LightView Pro is a great gift for miniature painters. It's a flexible, magnifying desk lamp that provides clear, bright light - perfect for painting tiny details. It comes in either a 1.75x or 2.25 magnification and a gooseneck that allows your loved one to position the light exactly where they need it. It's a must-have for anyone who loves to paint miniatures!

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Paint Puck Rinse Cup

The Paint Puck Rinse Cup is a handy tool that every miniature painter will appreciate. It's a reusable cup that can be used to rinse paint brushes between colors and has a built-in brush holder to keep brushes organized and ready to use - as well as silicone bristles at the bottom that help scrub brushes clean. It's the perfect gift for miniature painters who want to keep their workspace clean and organized!

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Wildspire Miniatures Heroes & Animals Set

The Wildspire Miniatures Heroes & Animals Set is a great gift for miniature painters who love to paint fantasy miniatures. It includes 28 high-quality Dungeons & Dragons models that are perfect for painting and collecting - with a wide variety of heroes, villains, and creatures. It's a great way to start or expand a collection, and your loved one will enjoy painting them for hours on end!

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Miniature Painting Handle

If you're looking for a gift that will help your loved one paint miniatures with ease, look no further than this painting handle. It's a unique tool that allows miniature painters to hold their models in one hand while painting with the other - and it has an anti-shake design with a metal bracket that helps steady their hand so they can avoid smudging their work. It's a great gift for miniature painters that'll make painting a breeze!

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Wet Palette

A wet palette is an essential tool for miniature painters. It keeps acrylic paint wet and prevents it from drying out, so your loved one can take their time and paint for longer without having to stop and re-mix their colors. This one by The Army Painter comes with 2 sponges and 50 paper sheets - so it's ready to use right out of the box. It's a great gift for miniature painters that they'll use again and again!

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Fine Detail Paintbrush Set

If they love painting miniature models, they'll need a good set of paintbrushes. This set comes with 10 brushes that are perfect for painting small details - with tips that are fine and pointed so they can get into all the nooks and crannies of their figures. It's a great gift for miniature painters that'll help them get the perfect finish every time!

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I Have Too Many Miniatures Wargaming T-Shirt

For the miniature painter who has everything, this Wargaming t-shirt is a fun and unique gift idea. It's a fun and stylish shirt that'll show their love for their hobby - and it's sure to get a laugh from all their friends. It's a great gift for miniature painters that they'll love to wear, whether they're painting at their desk or out and about.

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Painting Wargaming Figures Book

This book is a great gift for miniature painters of all levels. It covers everything from choosing the right paint and brushes to painting different types of miniatures - with step-by-step instructions and photos to guide them through each project. They'll love flipping through the pages and trying out new techniques or brushing up on their skills, and it's sure to become a treasured part of their home library.

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