Long Distance Friendship Gifts

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Are you missing your best friend who moved away? Or do you have a friend who lives far away and you don’t get to see them as much as you’d like? You can send them a little something to let them know you’re thinking of them with these long distance friendship gift ideas! From cute picture frames to touch lamps, here are a few ideas for what you can send your long distance friends.

Long Distance Friendship Picture Frame

Long distance friendship gifts like this picture frame will let your friend know you're thinking of them. It's made of wood and has a cute message that says, "Side By Side or Miles Apart, Friends are Always Close at Heart." It has a place to put a picture of you and your friend together, making it a sentimental gift that your friend is sure to love.

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Willow Tree Figurine

This Willow Tree angel figurine is a long distance friendship gift that your friend will be excited to receive. It's made with intricate detail and comes in a lovely gift box with a sweet sentiment that says "keeping you close in my thoughts." It was designed to be gifted to celebrate friendships both near and far. They can place this angel on their desk or shelf to serve as a nice reminder that you're always thinking of them.

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Friendship Touch Lamp

This is the perfect gift for you and your long distance friend. It's a touch lamp, so all you have to do is tap it and the light comes on or changes for both of you. With over 200 colors to choose from, you can even assign different colors to different meanings! It's the perfect way to brighten their day no matter how far away you are.

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Long Distance Friendship Mug

This long distance friendship mug is a great way to show your friend you care. On one side, it has a sweet message that says, "Friends forever never apart maybe in distance but never at heart." And on the other side, you can customize it with different states and colors to personalize it for you and your friend. It's a long distance friendship gift that will bring a smile to your friend's face whenever they drink from it.

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Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

What better long distance friendship gift is there than a reminder of your weekly coffee dates? When you send this spoon to them, they'll smile every time they stir their coffee and think of you. It says, "Still Having Coffee Together" and is made of alloy steel. It's a great way to keep your friendship alive even when you're not able to be together in person.

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Good Friends Are Like Stars Trinket Tray

This trinket tray is the long distance friendship gift you're looking for. It's a little ceramic tray that has the words, "Good Friends Are Like Stars... You Don't Always See Them But You Know They Are Always There." It's a great way to remind them that you're thinking of them and it's perfect for holding their jewelry or other small items.

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Friendship Jar

This long distance friendship gift is one of the best. It has a jar filled to the brim with 31 quotes and messages of friendship, love, and encouragement to brighten their day. They can read them all at once or one every day for a month. It's the perfect way to stay connected even when you're miles apart.

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A True Friendship Is A Journey Without An End Bracelet Cuff

This bracelet is the perfect way to remind your friend that your friendship is an ongoing journey. It's engraved with the words, "a true friendship is a journey without an end" on the inside and on the outside it has two cute arrows on each side. It's adjustable to fit most wrist sizes and is made of stainless steel. It's a long distance friendship gift that they're sure to cherish for years to come!

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True Friendship Knows No Distance Keychain

This keychain will remind them of you every time they reach for their keys! It says, "true friendship knows no distance" and has a compass on it. It's made of stainless steel, so it shouldn't rust or tarnish over time. It's the perfect long distance friendship gift for your best friend who has moved away.

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