Minecraft Gift Ideas For Kids

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The holidays are right around the corner and you’re scrambling to find gifts for your Minecraft fan. If this is you, then this list is for you. We have found some of the best Minecraft gifts online. From Minecraft stickers to Minecraft bedsheets, these Minecraft gifts are sure to be a hit with any Minecrafter in your life! Keep scrolling to check out our gift picks!

Minecraft Bed Set


A great Minecraft gift idea for your Minecraft fan is this Minecraft bed set. It comes with a comforter, flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase - all decorated with their favorite things from the game - creepers, diamond swords, and TNT! Your Minecrafter will love going to sleep in this fun Minecraft themed bedding every night.

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03/07/2024 02:03 am GMT

Minecraft Back To School Set For Kids

Send your Minecraft fan to school in style with this Minecraft Backpack set! It comes with four different Minecraft themed items - including a backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, and pencil case. The fun Minecraft graphics on each item makes for the perfect way to show their love of Minecraft at school.

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Minecraft Hooded Towel


Bath time just became way more fun when there's a towel decorated with their favorite Minecraft blocks and characters. Your Minecrafter will love drying off with this Minecraft gift idea. Great for baths, the pool, and the beach!

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03/07/2024 02:19 am GMT

Minecraft Potion Bottle Night Light


The perfect night light for your Minecrafter. This pixelated potion bottle lights up in 8 different colors when shaken, so they can choose their favorite color to light up their room. It's perfect for Minecraft themed bedrooms, or can even be used as an accent light.

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03/08/2024 01:36 am GMT

Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe


With Halloween just around the corner, this Minecraft gift idea is not only cool for your Minecraft fan, but also doubles as a great costume accessory! This tool transforms from a pickaxe into a trustworthy sword to fight off creepers or zombies when they come near. It's the perfect pick for Halloween, dress-up fun, or just everyday Minecraft play!

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03/08/2024 03:35 am GMT

Minecraft Uno Cards

Your Minecrafter will love playing a special version of Uno with a set of Minecraft Uno Cards. It's the same game, but with their favorite Minecraft characters. First Minecrafter to get to 500 wins.

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03/08/2024 01:09 am GMT

Minecraft Dungeon Mobs Throw Blanket


This Minecraft-themed blanket is perfect for keeping your Minecrafter warm. It features some of their favorite Minecraft characters - zombies, skeletons, creepers, and more! It's a must-have Minecraft gift idea for their bed or couch.

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03/07/2024 03:26 am GMT

Minecraft Stickers


If they love stickers, then they will love these Minecraft ones! This set of over 295 Minecraft stickers is the perfect way to decorate school folders, lunch boxes, or notebooks. With a great variety, your Minecrafter will have a blast decorating everything with items from their favorite game!

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03/08/2024 03:33 am GMT

Minecraft Torch Shaped Water Bottle


This Minecraft Torch Watter bottle is the perfect gift to keep them hydrated throughout the day. It holds 22 ounces of water and is resistant to breaking and is a fun way to drink their favorite beverages.

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03/08/2024 02:19 am GMT

The Zombie Craft Minecraft LEGO Set

A LEGO set that any Minecrafter would love to get this holiday! The set includes mini-figures of the popular character Steve and some zombie figures. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions and is perfect for kids ages seven and up.

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